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1 / [Market R&D] 18 Ways to Cut Business Costs in China

With the resumption of normal business activities in China, it is possible to immediately reduce many essential operational costs by up to 75% and focus on growing revenue.

2 / [Talent Development] Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation – much more than just happy staff

3 / [Talent Development] Building Rapport in Sales

Rapport can be defined as the building of a connection between two people. It may seem a simple concept; however it is a key component for success - both in sales and in daily life generally.

4 / [Talent Development] Building Trust at Work

Building and maintaining trust takes time and effort - one wrong move can quickly destroy a trustworthy reputation

5 / [Talent Development] Taking customer service to a higher level

At a time when many reliablesources of lead generation and customer engagement are limited, or unavailable,the importance of an integrated organisational approach to maximise customeropportunities has never been more urgent.

6 /[Talent Development] Writing Business Emails in English

The ability to write clear, concise business emails in English is more important than ever before - Chinese businesses must improve skill levels in this essential area.

7 / [Talent Development] Your first 90 days as a new team leader

The first three months as a new team leader are very important, during which you need to do three things: 

• Smooth transition

• Shaping the future

• Driving organisational change

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