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China and the UK enjoy a long history of educational exchange and cooperation. Over the past 5 years, China-UK education cooperation has made significant progress. Between 2015-2019, the number of Chinese students coming to the UK for degree study increased from 89,500 to 120,300, an increase of 34%. The number of UK students in China studying and undertaking internships prior to Covid-19 had also increased from 6,200 to nearly 10,000, an increase of 61%.

Recent research shows that the number of Chinese applicants to study in the UK has increased by 30% for the second year in a row, and for the first time, the UK has overtaken the US as the preferred overseas study destination for Chinese students. In 2019, international students in the UK contributed £22 billion to the UK economy, of which Chinese students contributed 30%.

The types of collaboration available in China’s sector are becoming more diverse as the market for education evolves and the UK's reputation for delivering education services is well-known in China. The UK is therefore strongly position to respond to this diversity and significant opportunities for UK education organisations existing throughout the areas of student recruitment, educational content, curriculum and IP exporting, programme development and delivery, partnership development, market entry and expansion operations, collaboration in research and innovation, and direct investment.

BMCP’s Education sector team works extensively across Professional and Vocational Education, Training, Edtech and education services.


Through BMCP, you can:

  • Develop your understanding of the latest education policies and market landscape through our Education market research service which offers the right intelligence and tips to inform your market entry/expansion strategy and our cultural training will ensure you are able to take the right approach to doing business in China and navigating the education industry.

  • Particulate in tailored missions, commercial roadshows and networking activities that will enable you to put your plan in to action.

  • Follow in the footsteps of several of the UK and Australia’s leading academic institutions in using our Launchpad or China Navigator to build long-term and sustainable business growth in the education industry – building close institutional partnerships and academic ties, successful joint programmes and growing student recruitment.

  • Utilise our unique platform for cross-sectoral engagement and cross-regional links by reaching out through our regional network and capitalising on our ability to open doors to enable you to seize national and regional opportunities.


Policy Environment – 14th Five Year Plan

The 14th 5-year-plan (2021-2026) promises to improve the living standards of the Chinese people.

In general, for the education sector, it emphasises the support for and standardises the development of private education and off-campus training institutions; the integration of online and offline education; the promotion of equal access to education in rural areas; the enhancement for adaptability of vocational and technical education; the expansion of youth physical and mental health education; and the promotion of inclusive preschool education and special education.

There is great potential for both sides to explore opportunities for large-scale co-operation in areas such as pre-school education, vocational education, degree apprenticeships and special education.


The Future Outlook

Collaborations with China in the education sector are becoming more diverse due to a two-way exchange of knowledge, students, and specialists. Entrepreneurship and employability are also increasingly important in China, along with the commercialisation of research and development.

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