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China Market – Holistic Solutions

For manufacturers and service providers worldwide the Chinese market represents a huge, and frequently missed, opportunity. However, understanding where the opportunities lie, how to access them, and the cultural and policy issues involved, can be extremely daunting and frustrating. Expanding into this market successfully can appear to be an almost impossible challenge to any company with limited, or no, experience of doing direct business there.

In such a situation, a locally based team of combined Chinese and foreign professionals is best placed to both thoroughly address the needs and concerns of the client, and also to be able to penetrate the market in sufficient depth and detail by leveraging local connections and resources. Additionally, because such a team can truly understand the requirements of both sides involved in the project, they can ensure that it is totally customised to the client’s desired outcomes.

Environment Overview

Understanding the macro environment related to your business to get a big picture of China and Chinese market

Market Review

Understanding market size, industry trends, product changes, competitor strategies and marketing, etc.

Competitive Advantage

Not only to understand the external market, but also to fully understand your own products - so that you can identify the optimal position.

Product Layout

Expand product layout by price segments and customer segmentation, to win more customers and maximise revenue.

Policy Analysis

Predicting future development trends of the market by interpreting the policies related to your business in recent years.

Customer Analysis

Listening to customer voices and understanding the different characteristics among diverse consumer groups.

Consumer Targeting

Combing the feedback from a large number of general customers and a smaller number of representative customers - to find your target consumers.

Application Scenarios

Gain customers from existing scenarios and develop customers from subdivided, potential, and undiscovered scenarios.

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